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All residents of Cherry Creek North are general members of CCNNA. CCNNA represents the neighborhood interests of all CCN residents. CCNNA’s website is open to all persons who visit it and, when neighbor input is needed, CCNNA reaches out to ALL neighbors.
However, a paid membership of $40 per year fuels the good works of CCNNA and allows the organization to meet its mission. In addition, many social activities are for paid members only. So check out the Membership Benefits and join us – $40 a year entitles you to a lot of benefits and helps you give back to your neighborhood!  Our members want to truly be immersed in the community, to really get to know your neighbors, and discover an almost endless number of lifestyle opportunities, they want more.
CCNNA cares about protecting the neighborhood’s environment from encroaching traffic, noise, congestion, and over-the-top development….if you care about sidewalks, parking and security…if you care about the character of our neighborhood and want to add your voice with your neighbors to increase our influence with the City on regulations, zoning, and planning, join us in CCNNA and all it has to offer.
Click this link for the: Membership Form.